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You need revenue metrics available on demand that are accurate, reliable, and data-backed. You also need a platform that’s sturdy but flexible enough to easily adapt to your organization’s needs. With ARRow, get the 100% Salesforce-native app that uses your existing data to automatically calculate ARR, MRR, and other key recurring revenue metrics to drive a better understanding of overall performance and value. 

Starting at $500/month, our solution is specialized for SaaS and subscription-based businesses needing a holistic view of all their recurring revenue metrics. Ready to slash overhead costs and supercharge your metrics?

Approximately 50% of SaaS or subscription-based companies struggle with tracking KPIs over their recurring revenue streams. Is:

  • Reporting on ARR, MRR, Churn, etc a huge manual hassle for your finance teams? (FYI, If you’re still using spreadsheets, the answer is yes)
  • Receiving external funding or M&A conversation stilted by discrepancies and delays in your metrics resulting in lack of confidence?
  • Not having a single, consistent, provable set of revenue numbers for all departments to work from causing misalignment and opinions to rule over data?

“I’ve never met an integrated system, no matter how solid, that the people understand how Salesforce functions as well as Gabriel and team do. They know how it works. And so their product works with Salesforce.” 

– Connor Doyle, Revenue Operations @ Textio


Get a free consultation directly with Gabriel, ForecaaS Founder with 20+ years of SalesOps & RevOps experience on how you can streamline your revenue operations processes.