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ARR, MRR, and More

Access the data you already have in Salesforce to move from opinions to evidence and drive a better understanding of overall performance and value.

Stop wasting frustrating hours updating complex spreadsheets. ForecaaS ARRow is a salesforce-native app that installs in minutes and leverages your salesforce data to provide key revenue metrics like ARR, MRR, Churn, Net Retention Rate, and revenue forecasts at the click of a button.

The Right Tool

For SaaS and subscription-based businesses, calculating ARR and MRR is a complex, time-consuming drag. ARRow taps your salesforce data to provide core revenue metrics like ARR, MRR, Churn, and Retention Rates in real-time.

In ARRow we Trust

Discrepancies in forecasts can cause a crisis of faith. ARRow provides a consistent, provable set of numbers that cuts through any noise and removes uncertainty when communicating results and forecasts to executives, investors, and bankers.

More Than Just ARR

ARRow uses the actual opportunities in your Salesforce pipeline to make reliable forecasts based on real data rather than loose assumptions. And it can make those projections on demand and deliver them in clear, actionable reports.

95 %

Time saved on reporting preparation activities

0 %

Data variability

100 %

Opportunities vs. assumptions

Who is ForecaaS ARRow For?

ARRow helps SalesOps, RevOps, and Finance at organizations using SalesForce access key revenue metrics in real-time. Leveraging Opportunities, Opportunity Line Items and Products objects, ARRow is for:

  • SaaS-based businesses
  • Subscription-based businesses
  • Start-ups in financing Mode
  • PE, VC and Investment banks

ARRow provides your finance department with instant access to the revenue numbers they need to close their quarters and produce year-end reports. ARRow helps Rev Ops and sales forecast ongoing revenue (by product and by client) based on actual opportunities in the system – all from a single data source. And when you need to tell your story to investors, employees, bankers, and other stakeholders, ARRow is there to provide a single, consistent set of revenue numbers and access to historical data to back them up.

ARR metrics in real-time!

  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Churn
  • Net retention rate
  • Revenue forecast
  • and more!

Starting at 500$ per month

We are all about simplifying complex things, so even our pricing is simple. You can either purchase user-specific licenses (min 20 users) or site-wide licenses depending on chosen deployment strategy. Additional services available to help rebuild historical data. And ROI is measured in days, not months or years

You can install ARRow in your Salesforce instances in seconds and configure it under an hour.
Check it out on the AppExchange.

“Using ForecaaS ARRow has streamlined our Month End Revenue analysis. Analysis that used to take hours, if not days, now can be completed quickly and accurately. Specifically the ability to drill down ARR fluctuations to the product level has allowed us to pinpoint date entry errors before the revenue has been reported.”
Senior Financial Analyst
“This simplifies my life immensely. There have been issues with bookings reporting since I started. The move to the ARR method has been a huge win for us as it simplifies operational process and provides robust, understandable reporting. It took me some time to think about this segment retention format, vet it with internal stakeholders and board members. This report as you have created it in SF will allow our CEO and others to see any time frame by segment with a simple refresh of the filter. Amazing. Thank you again for everything. I truly appreciate your partnership!”
“Great app to quickly calculate key recurring revenue metrics. Simple and intuitive.”
Revenue & Technology Operations

About ForecaaS

As Rev Ops experts and SaaS company Founders, we needed a trusted, single source of ARR truth. We were frustrated having to spend hours pulling together revenue numbers, then massaging the data using complex spreadsheets that only a few of us could manage and understand. Month in month out the grind took its toll.

We tried “integrated” revenue recognition & invoicing solutions that claimed to help keep our recurring revenue on target, but they were expensive and really didn’t simplify or accelerate the process. We still had the delays and inconsistencies that come with constantly exporting & manipulating revenue data. And sharing sensitive customer and revenue data with external vendors added an extra layer of risk.

The “A-Ha!” moment came when we asked ourselves why we couldn’t do all this in Salesforce. We needed fast and easy access to revenue forecasts so we could better manage our profitability. And the data was all there. Today we’re proud to share this solution with other Entrepreneurs as we continue to build other Salesforce-Native tools that will help SaaS companies streamline operations and grow.

Gabriel’s corporate SalesOps & RevOps experience, focus on process-driven improvement, and deep Salesforce knowledge are the driving force behind ForecaaS and its first product ARRow.

Consistently delivering a successful Client Experience has always been Gabriel’s prime focus, and is now fully embodied by ForecaaS and its products. This translates into providing solutions to remove possible roadblocks, ensure smoother coordination between departments and facilitate hand-offs at each step of the customer journey.

Gabriel combines more than 20 years of experience, representing a wide range of solutions and services, ranging from project-specific custom hardware and software to enterprise-level software solutions, and managing sales teams of various size and composition.

Pierre has more than 30 years of experience driving product innovation for technology businesses around the world, spanning semiconductors (Cyrix – Dallas, TX), consumer electronics (Philips – The Netherlands), and cybersecurity (Spamhaus – UK). Prior to joining ForecaaS, Pierre was CEO of NetGovern, an information governance software company that he founded, grew to an 8-figure business, and subsequently sold in a strategic M&A transaction.

Pierre is also an investor, coach, and mentor for software company founders, sharing the valuable experience he has gained during his career as a serial entrepreneur, executive leader, and technologist. He is a strong believer in the transformative power of open-book management and employee-ownership. Pierre is Community Evangelist for the Open Invention Network ( and the Canadian Council of Innovators (