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Approximately 50% of SaaS or subscription-based companies struggle with tracking KPIs over their recurring revenue streams. Is:

  • Reporting on ARR, MRR, Churn, etc a huge manual hassle for your finance teams? (FYI, If you’re still using spreadsheets, the answer is yes)
  • Receiving external funding or M&A conversation stilted by discrepancies and delays in your metrics resulting in lack of confidence?
  • Not having a single, consistent, provable set of revenue numbers for all departments to work from causing misalignment and opinions to rule over data?

Talk to Gabriel, ForecaaS Founder with 20+ years of SalesOps & RevOps experience on how you can streamline your revenue operations processes. 

    ARRow is a game-changing native package that has massively leveled up our revenue metrics in both calculation and flexibility… 
    I cannot recommend ARRow (or the team behind it) highly enough.” 

    – Connor Doyle, Revenue Operations @ Textio

    Loved by Finance.
    Built for RevOps.

    Watch how ARRow, the 100% Salesforce-native app, uses your existing data to drive a better understanding of overall performance. 

    Starting at just $500/month, are you ready to slash overhead costs and supercharge your metrics?