2024, here we go!

After 20 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, this marks 6 years since my first foray into founderhood with ForecaaS Consulting, 3 since the development of ForecaaS Software. LinkedIn is great at selling the idea you just need the right tool, content, or follower count to launch your own successful start-up but anyone who’s been there knows that’s not the case.

Creating a business from the ground up takes a good mix of guts, motivation, and endless pots of coffee. There’s potential for huge personal and financial risk but also reward, and quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier I took that leap.

Do you also need 20 years experience in a specific field before starting your own business? Absolutely not – I’m happy that was my path as it provided me with the deep expertise and connections necessary for ForecaaS, but there’s no right way or time to get started.

That being said, I would love to share some hard learned truths to keep in mind from someone who’s been there:

– Find your North Star
Finding something you are passionate about makes things a lot easier. You read a lot about the ups and downs being the new reality, but I was surprised by how fast you can go from a nice win to feeling absolutely helpless, and then back to an elated state. Having a North star to look at when things are tough is paramount.

– Soft skills matter more than you think
Your first few hires are likely those who will continue to grow and shape your company. Think more than just technical skills and qualifications but whether they can encapsulate the values of your business. For us that’s curiosity, empathy, and a data-driven nature. Some easy questions to ask yourself: Would you want to work in a department they ran? How do you feel after a conversation with them?

– Don’t forget to have fun along the way
Your attitude is key in forging new relationships be it with employees, clients, partners, or freelancers. I’m a strong believer of “bringing the fun in your work” and showing up with a smile to any meeting changes the dynamic.

Any other business owners with some more truths they’ve learned? Let’s help out the founding class of 2024. And if any founders are looking to chat, my DMs are open!