Behind the curtain

5 reasons why we decided to share snippets of our internal customer research over on the ForecaaS Software Inc. page (follow us there if you aren’t already!):

1️⃣ Real-life insight into buying decisions is critical but can also be hard to get! 
2️⃣ We had some great a-ha moments that might be helpful to other sellers (or buyers!) in the B2B space.
3️⃣ We also hope to give more people a better buying experience whether it’s with us or not, by highlighting the factors needed for successful implementations.
4️⃣ It gives us a chance to highlight that our customers are super smart, cool and… simply awesome!
5️⃣ We want other RevOps pros to feel seen and commiserated with, especially those undergoing big org-wide process changes – it can be a really stressful time!

Above all, we have no qualms helping out other teams missing the bandwidth to collect this type of critical information.

We’re confident in the service and solutions we provide so we’re also not worried about this research getting in the “wrong hands” (competitors?)

In fact, we hope they find something helpful to incorporate into their own process because based on what we’ve heard… end user focus is rarer than we thought. 😎