Why not support other CRMs?

With the recent conversations on Alphabet (Google’s parent company) buying HubSpot, I’m having more conversations on whether we have plans to expand ForecaaS ARRow, which is a 100% Salesforce native app, into the Hubspot world.

Short answer: Nope!

Long answer: Nope 😁 ! To deliver a truly native solution requires a deep understanding of the underlying platform, the way the data is accessed, processed, shared, protected, etc… Salesforce is the CRM we understand best from a personal and team knowledge perspective, and it’s the environment our software was built to work in. It’s what all our current customers use and what our years of user research is based in.

Innovation and growth is important but the ways it happens can’t always be reactionary to the market and shouldn’t ever be at the expense (whether it’s time, energy, or budget) of the solution your current users came to you for.

So to serve ourselves and our customers future and present, we’re sticking to our platform of expertise and doubling down on providing a suite of go-to Salesforce native apps for all your revenue operations needs.

If we’re looking to target anyone new following this, it’ll be Hubspot’s – or whatever it’s newest rendition may be called – users now debating a Salesforce switch, not vice versa! (DMs open by the way 😊)

This is one lane we are more than happy with staying in!