Textio Success Story

We live for these moments… Nothing beats Customer feedback and Success Stories are so energizing!

If you’ve been following the ForecaaS Software Inc. page recently, we have been running a series of posts over the last month on what it looks like to be a RevOps leader undergoing some big process changes and the ways our solution can power that.

Want to learn more about Connor and the team at Textio who did the hard but necessary work to implement not only a new tool for metrics calculation but new org-wide processes too?

We’re proud to present our latest use case that does a deep dive into how they handled that change management with the help of ForecaaS ARRow.

Customers like Textio help not only confirm our PMF (Product Market Fit) but also our onboarding process – we love being impressed and learning something new from our users and they are a prime example! ☺

If you’re on the edge of that move yourself and need some added motivation, this is a must read!

P.S. Big kudos to Nabindu and team for putting this together!