The Price is Right… or is it?

Let’s talk pricing today… and more specifically how easy it is to find the pricing for a product / solution.

We’ve all been there: you find a solution that looks interesting, but before engaging you want to have a rough idea of possible budget.

⏳ A couple (hundred) of clicks later, nothing, the pricing page (when it exists) says “talk to us”, and the review sites are not much help… ugh… we’re going to have to talk to “them”, start with an intro chat session, be directed to a BDR, then an AE, go through their discovery, discuss further things that are way in the weeds, finally to find out that the pricing is not even remotely close to what we do.

💰 Pricing for ForecaaS ARRow starts at 500 bucks per month (i.e. $25/user/month with a minimum of 20 licenses). 💥 Boom, I said it, it’s clear and concise.

We share that pricing in our emails, our signature, our website, our AppExchange page, our LinkedIn Business page and basically anywhere someone might go to learn about us.

We share it freely without the need to talk to someone or fill out a form because as a buyer, if I can’t easily determine how much something might cost me, it’s an easy disqualification.

Why go through the rigamarole (yes, it’s an actual word 😅 ) of setting up a meeting only to find the pricing is completely out of the budget?

We’re proud of our pricing – we firmly believe ARRow’s the best cost-effective solution for our ICP (Ideal Customer Profile): SaaS organizations generating 5-50M ARR looking to get their revenue metrics standardized.

We also believe we can further reduce overhead costs of time spent on spreadsheets, reconciliations, additional personnel, and other expensive tools.

But we’re happy to allow our buyers to do the math for themselves and if they want to double check their work, we’ll be here. Calculations are kinda our thing after all!