Mind reader

Which can be more painful to hear: microphone feedback or customer feedback?

Yes, that high pitched screech can make it feel like your ears are bleeding but brutally honest feedback can make it feel like your ears, heart, and wallet are bleeding – especially as an owner or founder.

But if there’s one thing you can do as a founder to tank your business it’s to ignore what your customers are asking (or begging) of you in favour of ego or your own ideas of what they need. Unless you can read your customers’ mind, of course!

Feedback is a blessing! Good, bad, or ugly it’s the only real way to gauge how your solution is being received and how it’s actually being used (or not). So make sure it’s solicited genuinely and the feedback loops are standardized so that they don’t just collect dust in a Sharepoint folder somewhere.

One piece of painful feedback we received is that our self-serve resources were lacking for those just starting their search for a solution. So a current focus has been in building out content and sites that help with the high-level problem illumination and developing and sharing a clear WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

One piece of positive feedback we received was how easy and awesome our implementation process was and how it made us stand out as a vendor. So just like we prioritize functionality, clarity and growth of our core features, we also prioritize maintaining consistency, enthusiasm and commitment in that core transition period of our customer journey.

Because positive or painful, if you can recognize the truth in it, you can grow so much more by integrating it in your business and decisions.

Shout out to everyone happy, frustrated, or brave enough to let your vendors know how their solution works for you! As for us, all feedback will always be music to our ears because its either a lesson or a blessing – keep’em coming!