When creativity meets business….

It’s March (what, already??), which means many Companies are heading into the last month of their current fiscal quarter (and for some the last month of their fiscal year!). These organizations’ #revops teams are in the thick of balancing month and year end analysis (please be nice to them).

If you’ve pushed some of your more complex RevOps challenges to FY2024, it might be a great idea to start thinking outside the box and utilize a creative approach.

When thinking about finance data & reporting, adding creativity to the mix may seem like trying to combine oil and water. We’re not talking about creatively manipulating your revenue metrics (Wirecard, anyone?) but rather approaching the challenge in a creative way that allows and prepares for real change to occur.

RevOps teams are primed for problem solving and their transversal (aka across silos) view of the entire customer journey makes them the perfect strategist to drive change and utilize creativity in doing so. Whether it’s a specific handoff, time consuming processes, or lack of training, they can help you find and solve the challenges upstream before it has a negative impact on revenue.

Help foster creativity in your organization through an internal environment that values:
✅ openness and transparency to unearth the true root of the problem
✅ progress over perfection understanding that implementing change requires constant iteration
✅ true servant leadership to empower teams to come to decisions that centre the end user and not just bottom dollar
✅ feedback from all relevant internal and external stakeholders for a holistic understanding of the problem
✅ the importance of more than just short term wins to allow for long term strategy to be implemented

RevOps teams can do so much more than just report on and analyze metrics. Given the time, resources, and trust they can serve as your strongest internal champion to boost revenue, keep clients happy, and keep internal teams informed and effective. 🔥

If you’re unsure where to start or feel stuck on a specific RevOps challenge, feel free to DM me!