Buying ain’t what it used to be!

There was a time where people’s first step would be to reach out to a rep at a company to learn more about what they can offer.

Nowadays, by the time you officially hear from a prospect directly or through meaningful engagement, they’ve already done a plethora of research on you and the product they need, and that’s an awesome side effect of applying PLG (Product-Led Growth)! 🔥

If someone has firmly disqualified you for whatever reason, whether in your control or not, trust that they know what they’re looking for and can make that decision for themselves.

👀 This is a reply I got after reaching out to someone who watched the ARRow demo video and my response to it.

No further peppering with discounts or free trials or other hooks. Why waste their time, and ours? They don’t want to keep hearing offers from us after a decisive ‘no’ and we don’t want to keep hounding someone who isn’t ready or able to buy.

Instead, we’re trusting that our solution stands out enough that they really will reach back out if their situation changes.

Better to be a ‘maybe’ in the future than a ‘please stop emailing and calling me, not interested!’ in the present.

… And the fun part in all this: that initial exchange led to additional conversations, and eventually they became a happy customer of ARRow! 🙏